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J Banks Retail – Fabulously Fresh!

Our J Banks Retail team never slows down in their ongoing quest to create displays that are visual delights! Our merchandising genius, Sharon Cleland, allowed us to tag along as she put together a “fresh” display!


Sharon loves grouping like items for visual impact and balance.  In this case, the vivid green glass is the constant, and the added interest lies within the varying shapes and heights of the containers.


Next Step:  Add fresh greens!  Sharon loves taking advantage of the beautiful foliage right outside our own doors.  


DIY:  Gather palms, flowers and grasses from your own yard to add instant life to your entry console, cocktail table, kitchen island, etc….all you need are pruning scissors and a great vase!  


This lady moves fast!


The height of the branches adds dramatic impact (we call this the “wow” factor)!


This is starting to look amazing!


Add additional texture and color for interest.  Our ‘almost real’ hydrangea stems and greenery sprigs are the perfect finishing touch (both available through J Banks Retail).

photo 2

The arrangements are finished!


The display is complete!  

Voila!   We have a gorgeous new entrance display!  And…….who knew a patterned rug could be such a fab table cover?  Great eye Sharon!



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Happy Mother’s Day from J Banks Design Group!

Mother’s Day is almost here and the J Banks Retail store has the absolute best gifts!  Here are a few of our favorites:

Domed cupcake or petit four displays

iPad covers

Serving trays and platters

Frames and lots of other gifts pre-wrapped and ready to go!

Fun vases from Europe – also available pre-wrapped

As a special Mother’s Day treat we were able to have our President, Joni Vanderslice’s daughters fill out a mad lib about their mom and share them with us.

Sarah said:

and Grace said:

Grace also submitted a silly version as well:

Thanks girls!  We think your Mom is pretty fabulous too!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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Doris Gilch Celebrates March MODness!

March marks the return of Season 5 of Mad Men. This show has inspired design in many ways. Fashion, product and interior design alike could not resist the cool and funky elements of this era. Personally, I have always been interested in mid century design and have discovered a few interiors and accents that I wanted to share. I hope this will inspire you to incorporate some “Mod-ness”  into your spaces.
The fabulous cast of Mad Men.
This vignette shows a great example of mod/vintage design with loud and funky colors mixed with earthy organic furniture pieces.
This has to be one of my favorite office nooks. This is a great collaboration between mid century furniture within a traditional home. It is so simple yet groovy!
Check out the new 50’s Wallpaper and Fabric Collection from Sanderson that we just added to our J Banks Design Library. Incorporating these retro prints into an accent wall, or even a pillow will instantly transform your room into a vintage pad.
No mod interior would be complete without one of Charles and Ray Eames’ famous white moulded plastic chairs. The silhouette of the chairs and table against the warm earth tones of the room really evoke the spirit of vintage design.
Make a mod statement with a few bold accent pillows depicting classic modern chairs. So much fun!
These mod inspired outdoor chairs and tables mix cool lines with rustic galvanized steel that will give any outdoor space a retro flair. Joni loved them so much she purchased them for her own home and for our retail store.
These fabulous lamps are in the J Banks Design retail show room now. I love the futuristic and natural shape paired with a crisp white shade. Classic vintage look! (If they look familiar, you might recognize them from Rachel Zoe’s personal pad on her show last season.)
Also check out our great looking selection of mod inspired vases. I love the beautiful colors and curvy lines. How fab!
Happy March Modness!

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The Working Woman

CHIC working women – our office is full of ’em!  And our retail floor provides a small glimpse into what adornes our teams’ desks and totes…  

For the tech savvy, we offer  an exquisite collection of  leather accessories from Maison Tukuya. Show your  iPhone, iTouch and iPads some love by showcasing their beauty with an equally stunning accessory.


For the lady who knows the value of a handwritten note (we still think it’s a definite DO), check out our effortlessly chic Jack and Lulu Stationery. Embossed with beautiful gold emblems in a wide variety of motifs and colors, both sender and receiver will be delighted before they even get to the written sentiment.

We know that all a cluttered desk needs is a sharp, personal accessory to make it feel like a vibrant new space! 

1. Try this cheerful bud vase (which could double as a pen/pencil holder) for a splash of modern whimsy and color.

2. Your business cards deserve a snappy new home too! Take a look at these inexpensive-but-oh-so-cool card holders for a touch of summer hue.

Some of the less glamorous aspects of being a working woman include… strained eyes and papercuts. Avoid both with…

3. These super sophisticated and compact reading glasses. They fold up into this neat little package that comes in a wide variety of colors.

4. Elegant letter openers double as both conversation piece and manicure saver. We’re currently crazy about the sculptural and textural glamour of this L’Objet gecko. His high quality cast metal body means that he can double as a paper weight. Plus… he’s just plain cute!

Inspired? Or need a jolt of inspiration? Take a moment out of your Busy Working Woman Day and drop in for some stylish fun.

See you soon!



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