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Design Team Favorites: Lighting

We asked our staff to share some of their current favorite lighting fixtures, so without further ado…

1. Lens Chandelier designed by Alison Berger for Holly Hunt

2. Lens Sconce designed by Alison Berger for Holly Hunt

Jennifer Stewart: These light fixtures were inspired by an antique screw back earring (see above). I am always drawn to pieces that have a correlation to fashion. I believe that lighting should be like the ‘jewelry for a room,’ and these two pieces would fit that description perfectly!

1. Large Chandelier Gyro and Crystal by Halo Styles

Kelly Caron: I have always loved crystal chandeliers.  I am considering this piece for the living room in my home.

2. MOTHER chandelier designed by Baylar Atelier for Hudson Furniture

Haley Grant: The Mother chandelier from Hudson Furniture is a stunning work of art.  It’s perfection leaves me speechless!

3. Chamber Chandelier designed by Alison Berger for Holly Hunt

Jenny Ladutko: I love the organic shape of these industrial materials. The piece is simple, clean, and elegant and would be gorgeous over a dining table!

1. Marsh Grass Copper Chandelier by Lowcountry Originals

Diane Lancaster: I love this fixture because of the mix of the different metals and because it reminds me of the beach and marsh.

2. Custom made alabaster fixture by Romano Bianchi, a J Banks vendor located in Volterra, Italy – a town about an hour from our project Castello di Casole. Volterra is known for alabaster and the lighting, picture frames, and accessories they created from the stone.

Adrienne Warner: I love the warmth of the amber. It creates a lovely glow in the evenings and the heavy veining is dramatic. This is a real statement piece. Grazie mille Roberto!

3. Vine Ball by Lowcountry Originals

Adrienne Warner: I saw this piece at the Fall High Point Market. I love the organic, naturally chic feel and that you can customize the finish color, which dramatically changes the look.

1. Moon Glow Table Lamp in White Glass with Silk Shade designed by Barbara Barry for Visual Comfort (currently available in our Retail Store)

Jenn Farese: I love the clean lines paired with the fabulous glow that this lamp omits.  You can light the base, the top – or both!  I also love the quality of Visual Comfort lamps.  Not only are they beautiful, but they are well made and the company really stands behind their product.

2. Terri Cube Accent Lamp in Crystal with Natural Paper Shade designed by Thomas O’Brien for Visual Comfort

Jenny Ladutko: This lamp would be a fabulous small scale accent on a shelf or secretary desk. When turned on, it creates a beautiful glow.


What is important to you when selecting lighting for a space? Which of these pieces is your favorite?

If you see a piece you just have to have – give our Retail Store a call at 843-682-1745 and we will be happy to order it for you!


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Sharon Cleland: How to Make a Grand Entrance

Initial impressions certainly do count, and the entry or foyer of a home is no exception. The presentation of this room sets the stage for the drama which will follow throughout the home. A careful choice of color, texture, lighting and scale of furnishings mixed with personal favorite items and objet d’art should exude calmness and warmth, and visually communicate “Welcome to our happy home.” Below are foyers which I found especially beautiful and appealing, and an explanation of the details and selections that I thought made them unique.

Note the successful mix of reclaimed floor boards in contrast to the elegant and sophisticated chandelier.

I like the dichotomy of style created by using dramatic artwork and mechanical elements.

Use of the antique mirrored glass and layered artwork adds visual depth and character.

Cool contemporary clean lines look fresh with the splash of color from the alliums.

This is an eclectic, subdued mix of old and new. The grouping of antique prints creates a great visual impact.

Monochromatic drama! Notice the major impact of the nailhead detail on the doors.

The inclusion of the organic elements, along with the rope and basket, add texture and interest.

The size and scale of this mirror is perfect with the ceiling heights in this entry. The elegant neutral hues and contrasting tones work well together as well.

Rustic flagstone floors, and the collection of walking sticks epitomizes English country manor living.

This entry is perfectly balanced with scale and symmetry created with the lamps and stools.

I love this assemblage of artwork, distressed buffet, whimsical flamingo and lamps.

The dramatic floor design with dark trim, and a punch of color in the bench seat are fabulous.

I created an entry vignette using items from the J Banks Retail Store. Components that I feel are important to include in entries include atmospheric lighting to create a warm welcome, an over scaled mirror to add visual depth, botanical greenery for texture, and fresh flowers from the garden for fragrance and to add cheer and happiness!

Entries are not only a first impression upon entering the house, but also the last impression upon leaving. Let this space take center stage to encapsulate personal style and impact.


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The White Sofa Project: Patche Pratt

In case you have missed our previous posts on the white sofa project, here is a quick update.  We have taken one sofa in our retail store and have asked each of the J Banks Designers to style the sofa and surrounding space utilizing pillows, lamps and accessories.  Each designer has the ability to create a space that shows off their “of-the-moment” loves from our retail store as well as how a design client can easily change a space by adding a few new elements.  Enjoy our most recent transformation!

Patche Pratt designed the latest vignette.  Here is what she had to say about her choices:

JB: The rug you selected is stunning.  What can you tell us about your rug choice?

Patche: I chose the rug for two reasons: I wanted a warm and cozy feel for one, and with the neutral sofa and wood floors as the background, I wanted a graphic pattern to add interest to the space.  The color palette has a washed or muted feel so it wasn’t too bold to take away from the coziness.

JB: What about your color choices?

Patche: I have always been drawn to varied shades of red in combination with black and or brown.  This gave me the inspiration and direction in selecting the patterned pair of throw pillows that pulls colors from the rug and adds pattern to the sofa.

JB: What is important to consider when selecting lighting choices?

Patche: When choosing lighting or lamps you need to consider the use for the space.  If it is for ambient lighting you can go with lower wattage and dark or metal shades.  If it is for reading and you don’t have sufficient over head lighting, you should go with a three way lamp and a lighter shade color.

JB: What did you like about the particular lamps selected?

Patche: I chose a pair of polished nickel lamps for several reasons.  I love the reflective quality in the finish, and it adds brightness to the vignette.  By using a pair, it also gives the space symmetry and balance.

JB: What advice do you give your clients about picking accessories? 

Patche: I like mixing materials not only in accessories, but also with casegood pieces (cocktail tables, end tables, etc…).  In my vignette I paired dark wood end tables with polished nickel lamps.  I also chose a glass vase with bright white orchids to serve as a contrast against the darkly stained wood.  The cocktail table has mixed materials as well – a rustic driftwood top and a metal base – and serves as a great juxtaposition to the refined and formal finish of the end tables.  Scale is also important.  The large cocktail table anchors the space and doesn’t get lost against the strongly patterned rug.  I am a “less is more” person so I feel that a few great cocktail table books and an interesting object (like a great decorative bowl) are all you need to accessorize a cocktail table.

JB: Is there anything  else you would like to add?  Your favorite pieces in the vignette, etc.?

Patche: One of my favorite pieces is the wing chair. I like the clean lines of the piece with the masculine tweed fabric and the polished nickel nail heads. The chair pairs well with the clean lines and finish on the lamps as well.  My other favorite is the Coast Guard spotlight lamp with the tripod wood base and leather accents.  You always need an unexpected conversation piece to give a room character.

We love Patche’s cool lighting choices and great use of texture. Keep following our blog to see more designer interpretations and check out our previous white sofa designs by Deb Van PlewHannah Fulton ,Cindy MunnAdrienne Warner and Shelley Wilkins.

If you’d like to purchase or receive additional information on any of these featured products, please feel free to stop by or contact our retail store at 843.682.1745.



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Deb’s Lux Lighting

J Banks designer Deb Van Plew is known for her incredibly chic contemporary interior design. Her interiors have a cozy vibe with that special something that makes them feel “of the moment.” (Her personal style is equally as fantastic!)

In one of her recent residential interior projects she chose a light fixture that had everyone gasping, “Wow!”  It was such a statement piece that we thought it deserved its own little post… now you can oogle and ogle too!


















JB: Deb, what’s the story on this beautiful light?

Deb: I loved it when I saw it… but it’s so unusual, I thought I’d have to talk the client into it. (I even had a back up option ready just in case they hated it.) But the clients were intrigued… They quickly saw the vision and loved it.

JB: What was the concept for the project?

Deb: This was a beach house, not a primary residence… but we didn’t want to be “literally” beachy. So… it’s like an abstract, casual, cool, hip beach house. Without being too predictable!

JB: What kind of vibe does this piece create in the house?

Deb: When we started there was no dramatic focal point in the entry way. Adding this fixture in the adjacent room created drama and visual impact as soon as you open the door. I think it has a sleek 70’s vibe that’s very charming.

JB: It looks complicated to install… how did that go?

DebWe had a blast unpacking the beautiful pieces and assembling them. When we got it up, we found out that there was an electrical wiring problem in the product… uh oh! (Little things like this are the reality that designers face in installation all the time.) We quickly contacted the manufacturer and got the problem resolved. When the client saw the final result, she was thrilled! Another happy ending!















Our intern, Blair Kawa, was there helping with the installation. She got the full experience of untangling the octopus arms of this fixture and making it beautiful.

Who said designers never get their hands dirty?  We know how to get on ladders and make it happen!

Happy (Lighting) Monday,


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