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DIY: Brass Ring Necklace

DIY HeaderI recently came across a brass ring necklace on Pinterest that caught my eye. Not only is the necklace super original, but it uses unconventional materials that make it such a statement piece.  So… I decided to head to the hardware store! Give this DIY project a try and you’ll absolutely love the finished product!

on black and white background 700what you need collage

layout image 700

Step 1. I began by selecting about four different sized brass rings and laid them out on the floor of the hardware store. I played around with different patterns and sizes until I decided on one shape. I took a picture of the pattern so that I could remember the layout and refer back to the original pattern once I brought the materials home.

linking image 700

Step 2. Begin by taking the two center rings out of the bunch. Take a 12″ piece of nylon and connect the two rings by wrapping the cord about three to four times around the rings. Once you feel they are as secure as possible, tie a tight knot and trim both ends with scissors. This is where you will need to take your lighter out and melt each end.  Once you have burned one end, immediately take your lighter to the melted end and press the side of the lighter firmly against the melted tip. This will seal the knot and prevent the ends from separating or fraying.

You will essentially want to repeat this step with the next ring, working your way from the inside out.  Once you have connected the pattern, you will then need to make the strings from which the rings will hang from. Simply take two 40″ pieces of nylon and loop each cord through the top two rings of your pattern and adjust the length.

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on black and white background 700

side shot 700

Voila! There you have your very own brass ring necklace!

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Trend Alert: Keepin’ It Brassy!

Brass is not just for doorknobs and switch plates.  Brass has always been associated with traditional design but now it is popping up in all genres of home decor. We took a quick look around our J Banks Retail Store and recently completed projects, and selected a few of our current brass favorites.

These brass boxes from our friends at Madegoods are chic and unique. The brass color adds warmth and a bit of elegance to the industrial chain link design.

Many of our favorite brass accents are lamps. We love that brass comes in a variety of finishes such as oil rubbed (left) and polished (right). You can completely change the look of a brass piece just by altering the patina, or finish color of the metal.

Designer Shelley Wilkins recently used the oil rubbed lamp pictured above in a residential project.

A staff favorite, this Nixon end table comes with a reversible top that is walnut on one side and orange lacquer on the other.

You may have also spotted this table in Andy Cohen’s Clubhouse on Bravo!

This gorgeous oven is in Villa Scuola, located on the Castello di Casole property.

Do you have a favorite brass item?  We would love to hear from you. Until then, “Stay brassy my friends.”


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Crazy for Quatrefoils!

During our recent work in Italy on the interiors of the Hotel Castello di Casole we started to notice a trend.  Quatrefoils everywhere!  While this shape is certainly not new, (even the name is old meaning “four leaves”  from the Latin quattor, four, plus folium, a leaf), we love the modern twists it has taken. When we returned home, we began seeing quatrefoils in items in our Retail Store, and even in the J Banks Collection for Stanford Furniture. Take a look at what we found.

 This is a cabinet detail in the Hotel Castello di Casole.

Do you spy the quatrefoil moulding in the Visconti Bar of the Hotel Castello di Casole?

Here is a better angle

Joni fell in love with these Greenwich Side Tables at the Spring 2012 High Point Market.  Oomph creates them in so many fabulous colors and finishes. We adore this funky modern take using quatrefoils, and we can’t get enough of their creative creations!

These hurricanes are elegant and classic. The combination of brass and mercury glass is just perfection.

The Marianna Mirror is a new piece from the J Banks Collection for Stanford Furniture.  Joni based it on a chapel floor that  she saw in Tuscany (see picture above). This particular version of the shape is called a ‘barbed quatrefoil.’ A barbed quatrefoil is a quatrefoil that has triangular projections at the intersection of two adjacent foils. This mirror can come finished in any  Sherwin Williams color.  The possibilities are endless!

Where have you seen quatrefoils?  How would you incorporate them into your home decor?


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The White Sofa Project: Hannah Fulton

We took one sofa in our retail store and will have a different designer each week style the surrounding space using pillows, lamps and accessories.  The end result will show how accessories can change the overall feeling of a room.

Hannah Fulton was second to style the space. Here is what she had to say about her selections:

JB: What did you want the mood or feel of the space to be?

Hannah: To me, this space is a cool, comfortable retreat. The fish accessories hint at a location close to the water. I could see someone returning from the beach or lake and settling in comfortably for a cocktail.

(We ADORE the brass box on the cocktail table)

JB: What is your favorite item or items in the vignette and why?

Hannah: I love the rug from KPM.  It’s new but was made to look antique. The shades of blues and the patchwork pattern really ground the vignette and reiterate the ‘fun yet sophisticated’ look.  I always think antique elements and collected treasures add to the character of a room.

JB: What can you tell us about your accessory choices?

Hannah: I used accessories minimally so that there was an uncluttered feel.  If I’m on vacation, I don’t want to be surrounded by things. Clean lines and ‘functional’ accessories like the baskets, clock, book and a box to hide remote control, etc. are key!

JB: Tell us about your color choices.

Hannah: I was inspired by our fabulous Trina Turk pillows in vibrant shades of blue and green. The pillows set the tone  and really make the space pop.

We love the sophisticated but relaxed space that Hannah created. Keep following our blog to see more designer interpretations.

If you’d like to purchase or receive additional information on any of these featured products please feel free to contact our retail store at 843.682.1735.



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