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Designer Terms Defined: Toile D’Jouy

Every now and then, we will explain through descriptive text and visual images, terms that we use regularly but that may be new to you. The proper terminology will undoubtedly bring out your inner designer, so without further ado:


Toile 1

Brunschwig & Fils Rose Toile Fabric

Brunschwig & Fils Berry Toile

Brunschwig & Fils Blue Toile

Brunschwig & Fils toile fabrics available through J Banks Design

Toile 2

Deveer Guest room

Joni Vanderslice specified this toile fabric for the draperies in a Hilton Head Island, SC residence.

Pink Toile wallcovering & couch

Toile wallcovering and upholstered sofa

Black & white toile wall covering

Toile wallcovering 

Toile 3

Black & white Toile chair

Upholstered toile chair

Fifth Avenue Toile Buffet Lamp

Lamp with toile lampshade. Similar styles available through J Banks Retail 843-682-1742

Toile 4

Red Toile pillow

Toile pillow

Embroidered Toile Sneakers

Toile patterned shoes

Do you have an interior design term you would like us to explain?  We would love to hear from you!




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Trend Alert: Black & White!

Black and White Header

Joni always says that fashion and furnishings go hand and hand. This statement could not be truer of the current black and white trend that is appearing on the runways and within residences alike. Black and white is a classic duo that will never go out of style.  The two contrasting colors create drama and draw the eye, thus adding interest to any outfit or room! We’ve put together a few inspiration photos to show you how this trend translates from fashion to furnishings. See below for ideas on how you, and your home, can rock this eye-catching dynamic duo!

Black & White Chevron

Black and White CHEVRON

1. Black and white chevron dress  2. Men’s chevron black and white bow tie by Brookes & Company  3. Olivia Wilde wearing an Ella Moss ‘Ringo’ Chevron Blouson Maxi Tank Dress 4. Black and white upholstered chevron chairs 5. Ottavio vase in black and white chevron (similar styles available through J Banks Retail) 6. Elegant black and white chevron flooring 7. Uptown Barstool in black and white chevon print (similar styles available through J Banks Retail) 

Bold Black & White Stripes

Black and White STRIPES

1. Black and white striped low-rise skinny jeans by Balmain (Spring 2013) 2. Classic black and white retro striped bathing suit 3. An off duty model in a Balmain jacket 4. Eicholtz library lamp with stylish black and white drum shade (similar styles available through J Banks Retail) 5. Eclectic black and white living room 6.  White wingback chair on a striped rug 7. Rustic setting incorporating black and white striped cushions and bolsters 8. Black and white striped upholstered chair and pillow 9. A black and white themed bedroom

Graphic Black & White Colorblock and Check

Black and White Graphic Prints

1. Black and white check at Louis Vuitton 2. Julia Moore wearing a Tom Ford gown at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards 3. Graphic check bangle 4. Bel Air office with graphic black and white flooring designed by Kelly Wearstler 5. Hampton links lamp (similar styles available through J Banks Retail) 6. Black and white marble flooring in our J Banks Design Project, Bar Visconti, at Hotel Castello di Casole, in Tuscany, Italy 7. Bold black and white striped entry hall 8. Chanel Surfboard 

We think Kate Spade said it best , “Black and white is always right.”

How will you make statement in your home and wardrobe with this season’s hot trend – black and white?




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Jennifer Stewart: Bananas for Byzantium!

When we received the new book of Byzantium Wallcoverings by Schumacher, J Banks Design Studio Coordinator, Diane Lancaster, knew to take it straight to our Expeditor Jennifer Stewart for a first look!

Jennifer has long had a swatch of the Shockwave fabric in black and jet at her desk.  She opened the new book and immediately paired it with the new Queen of Spain wallcovering in black and was smitten!

In addition, she loved the  Nasrid Palace Mosaic pattern in persimmon.

With so many beautiful new introductions it is easy to understand how it was difficult to pick just one favorite!

Schumacher explains about their new collection:

“Byzantium, the legendary and magnificent crossroads connecting east and west, sets the scene for this collection of exquisitely printed wallcoverings. Decorative geometrics, graphic borders, and tribal ikats are inspired by elaborately patterned mosaics discovered in the grand palaces of Marrakesh, royal chambers in Istanbul, and archways of Valencia.

These beautifully crafted wallcoverings blend together in a vibrant palette of deep persimmon, turquoise, indigo, and charcoal grey, layered with glamorous touches of metallic gold, silver, and glass. Quieter shades of alabaster, pearl, bone, and spa blue provide modern options for these traditional designs. Byzantium’s exotic pattern and rich color add dramatic sophistication to contemporary and classic living spaces.”


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The White Sofa Project: Patche Pratt

In case you have missed our previous posts on the white sofa project, here is a quick update.  We have taken one sofa in our retail store and have asked each of the J Banks Designers to style the sofa and surrounding space utilizing pillows, lamps and accessories.  Each designer has the ability to create a space that shows off their “of-the-moment” loves from our retail store as well as how a design client can easily change a space by adding a few new elements.  Enjoy our most recent transformation!

Patche Pratt designed the latest vignette.  Here is what she had to say about her choices:

JB: The rug you selected is stunning.  What can you tell us about your rug choice?

Patche: I chose the rug for two reasons: I wanted a warm and cozy feel for one, and with the neutral sofa and wood floors as the background, I wanted a graphic pattern to add interest to the space.  The color palette has a washed or muted feel so it wasn’t too bold to take away from the coziness.

JB: What about your color choices?

Patche: I have always been drawn to varied shades of red in combination with black and or brown.  This gave me the inspiration and direction in selecting the patterned pair of throw pillows that pulls colors from the rug and adds pattern to the sofa.

JB: What is important to consider when selecting lighting choices?

Patche: When choosing lighting or lamps you need to consider the use for the space.  If it is for ambient lighting you can go with lower wattage and dark or metal shades.  If it is for reading and you don’t have sufficient over head lighting, you should go with a three way lamp and a lighter shade color.

JB: What did you like about the particular lamps selected?

Patche: I chose a pair of polished nickel lamps for several reasons.  I love the reflective quality in the finish, and it adds brightness to the vignette.  By using a pair, it also gives the space symmetry and balance.

JB: What advice do you give your clients about picking accessories? 

Patche: I like mixing materials not only in accessories, but also with casegood pieces (cocktail tables, end tables, etc…).  In my vignette I paired dark wood end tables with polished nickel lamps.  I also chose a glass vase with bright white orchids to serve as a contrast against the darkly stained wood.  The cocktail table has mixed materials as well – a rustic driftwood top and a metal base – and serves as a great juxtaposition to the refined and formal finish of the end tables.  Scale is also important.  The large cocktail table anchors the space and doesn’t get lost against the strongly patterned rug.  I am a “less is more” person so I feel that a few great cocktail table books and an interesting object (like a great decorative bowl) are all you need to accessorize a cocktail table.

JB: Is there anything  else you would like to add?  Your favorite pieces in the vignette, etc.?

Patche: One of my favorite pieces is the wing chair. I like the clean lines of the piece with the masculine tweed fabric and the polished nickel nail heads. The chair pairs well with the clean lines and finish on the lamps as well.  My other favorite is the Coast Guard spotlight lamp with the tripod wood base and leather accents.  You always need an unexpected conversation piece to give a room character.

We love Patche’s cool lighting choices and great use of texture. Keep following our blog to see more designer interpretations and check out our previous white sofa designs by Deb Van PlewHannah Fulton ,Cindy MunnAdrienne Warner and Shelley Wilkins.

If you’d like to purchase or receive additional information on any of these featured products, please feel free to stop by or contact our retail store at 843.682.1745.



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