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“Ciao!” from Joni Vanderslice

It’s all in the Details – The Italians take pride in their craft and beauty is the breathtaking result. Everything from making an espresso to the hand stitched detailing on a leather carry-on is immaculate. The execution of detail is why J Banks has fallen so hard for the country.

(Each time we walk past this building in Florence we have to stop just to take in the painted detailing.)

Our projects have allowed us to scour the country taking in all the different trades and offerings. Days are filled with short moments of awe because everything you see necessitates admiration. We savor in the product and salivate over the sheer art of the display!

Here are a few shots of some of our favorite details from our most recent trip….

1. In Italian Forte dei Marmi means “Fort of the Marbles.”  Appropriately, the gorgeous stone garden display made us “lose our marbles!”

2. The entrance to the Loro Piana outlet store sets the perfect stage for the luxurious cashmere that is waiting to be purchased, beyond the effortlessly chic decor.

3. The alabaster in the town of Voltaire is a must see. We love how adding light to the stone illuminates its beauty. We have forged an amazing relationship with a vendor who creates custom tables, lighting, and even pictures frames for us! Exquisite!

4. You have to do a double take with this photo… Designers in Wonderland – the scale of this piece would make even Alice smile. Now that’s what we call a High-Boy!

5. Even the olive oil bottles are chic when properly lit! This entrance detail at Borgo San Jacopo is almost as divine as the restaurant’s gourmet fare.

4/5. There’s always something we want to take home in our suitcases… and we often find ourselves wanting to take home SUITCASES! (We heart this carry-on.)

Some items are easier to whisk away than others, but we couldn’t resist this carved fireplace surround. It will be a key focal point for one of our next residential projects.

There will always be more to come and more to share!  If you have personal travel experiences or favorite foreign finds, please share with us.

Ciao tutti! (Goodbye everyone!)

Joni Vanderslice, JB

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Trend Report – White Washed Wood

Kiki Titterud & Kate Smith – our friends, industry color experts and fellow bloggers – included Joni and the J Banks Collection on their blog, Sensational Color.  The recent post, entitled “Trend Tuesday:  Wowed by White Washed Wood” details the hot new furniture finish that is appearing in the most chic interiors and design magazines.    As expected, Joni’s Spring 2010 designs for Stanford Furniture were “spot-on” for this industry trend and are now being showcased as leaders in this must-have moment!  

White Washed details of the J Banks Collection

Be “in-the-know” by checking out the blog post “Trend Tuesday:  Wowed by White Washed Wood

As a teaser, we’ve pictured one of our favorite J Banks Collection pieces, the Deb chair, that just hit our showroom floor…..    We paired yummy taupe linen with white washed legs to create a casual yet sophisticated look!  


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Everything is Coming Up Daisies!


 “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
–          Anatole France 


  There are few greater joys in life than bringing home a puppy.  This month, the  J.Banks team has been delighted to share in the joy of the Vanderslice family’s new addition, Daisy.  Our little flower arrives at J Banks daily via fashionable tote, and supplies effervescent energy to our office (albeit causing a tiff or two regarding whose lap she’s on first).  Although Daisy was a surprise, she wasn’t a shock.  We got the hint that dogs were on the family’s mind when artist and soon-to-be famous designer, Sarah Vanderslice, selected metallic flocked dog wallpaper by Osborne and Little as the inspiration for the redesign of her bedroom.  A real puppy was sure to be the perfect finishing touch (but we must clarify – Miss Daisy Dot belongs to younger sister Grace, who shows that Daisy loves her lap best as they pose on the appropriately patterned loveseat below). 



We Heart Purple!

 Our Daisy photo shoot in Sarah’s purple room inspired us to showcase this gorgeous and “of-the-moment” jewel tone.  Enjoy our fresh ideas on how to incorporate the color into your home! 

 Fresh, fun, purple tones from lilac to eggplant set the stage for dramatic pop!  The palette below can be combined – use one as your trim color, one as the main wall color and the third for the accent – or use alone.  Whatever application you desire, purple can add rich sophistication and create a cozy sitting area, powder room or, as we know from above, a glamorous bedroom! 

 Paint Picks:

 Coming Up Purple!

These inspiring home and personal accents are all available at 35 Main, J.Banks retail.

 Embroidered pillows from Ankasa & Raffia Woven Bolster from Dransfield and Ross

  More Purple Inspiration!

From ad campaigns to the Bisazza factory in Italy…. 


The Bisazza tile showroom in Italy 





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Archbishop of Tanzania to visit J Banks Design

Join us for a special opportunity to meet the Archbishop of Tanzania, Valentine Mokiwa, at J Banks Design!

Wednesday, May 26th at 3pm

Archbishop Mokiwa, who is also President of the African Council of Churches, will share inspiring stories of his work within Africa and other nations thoughout the world, as well as the Lowcountry.

Joni Vanderslice will also speak on her experiences in Tanzania with her husband, Dr. Richard Vanderslice, and inform you of Hilton Head’s local mission to build an orphanage in Dar es Salaam. 

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J Banks Hosts Design Series on WHHI’s Girl Talk

In conjunction with WHHI’s Girl Talk, J Banks Design will be hosting a 5 part Design Series that will provide an inside perspective into the interior design process.
Series host and J Banks VP – Creative, Anna Ruby, will lead informative discussions with the firm’s design team about the who, what, where and why’s of the design industry.  In addition to educating the viewers, the series will also provide behind the scenes glimpses into the firm’s offices, design studio, portfolio of completed projects and personalities.  Get to know J Banks Design over the next few months while becoming informed about the following topics:   (click the following links to view the specific segments)

Introduction to the Design Series & Tour of J Banks

Design Terminology

Why and When an Interior Designer is Needed

The Design Process and How it is Executed

Completed Projects and Portfolio Tours

If you have personal design questions or idea topics feel free to email

Your input may be used to “design” the next segment!

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Vanderslice Speaks at Church of the Cross on Buckwalter

Joni Vanderslice will be speaking tomorrow, March 13th at the Buckwalter Campus of Church of the Cross on the topic of “Getting Out of God’s Way.”
The seminar be a personal discusson about God’s power over Joni’s life and how His hand has guided Joni in achiveing her success –both personally and professionally.
Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Joni’s testimony about recognizing God’s eminent power and the Godly, awe-inspiring experiences she has encountered by allowing Him to take control.

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The Art of Growing a Business

Joni Vanderslice will be a featured keynote speaker this coming Thursday, Novemeber 19th at the Seattle Design Center in Seattle, Washington.  Joni will lead an hour long seminar with an interactive question and answer session afterward to 100 “to the trade” audience members on “The Art of Growing a Business.” The discussion will provide tactics and key business principles that Joni has put in place within her firm, which have allowed her to grow her business into a top 200 US interior design firm with a staff of over 30 and projects that span the globe. 

Jonis talk info

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