MJ Ivory: Lady of Leisure

We were sad to learn that one of our very own, MJ Ivory, retired at the beginning of April.  MJ has been an employee of J Banks Design Group for 13 years and she will be dearly missed in our office.  Several coworkers shared some thoughts on MJ and how much they have enjoyed working with her!

MJ not only truly kept us organized and was able to deftly work around the creative personalities and the accounting department, but was the epitome of how we all want to age….with grace, true beauty, exquisite taste, a thankful heart, reveling in the small things, possessing fabulous humor with great timing, void of ego, and making her church and God a priority. She taught us so much! We look forward to every time we get to see her as she “retires”.” – Joni Vanderslice

“I would not even know how to begin to express how lucky I was to have MJ as part of my life for the last 13 years!” – Cathy Duane

“She is the ‘wind beneath my wings!” 

The best minnie me.

My hero – and I am lost without her. “ – Diane Lancaster

“I loved seeing her everyday with her very fashionable outfit and her high heels!” – Chrissy Clegg

“I want to be just like her!” – Janet Perry

“For as long as I’ve known MJ, she’s had business cards – not for J Banks – but cards which read, “Mary Jane Ivory, Lady of Leisure”.  I hope that I can be half as fabulous as MJ when I grow up!” – Hannah Fulton

“MJ always has such a sharp wit & great shoes, you’ve got to love her!”– Jenn Farese

“I want to be JUST like her when I am 91!!  She is amazing & will be missed!” – Tia Kilduff

“Made me smile everyday…. wonderful quick wit….dressed fashionably and impeccably….loved it when I called her “Chickie!” – Wendy Farr

“Favorite old fashioned sayings that MJ used and I had to look up because I had never heard it used:

“You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”- Something that you say which means you cannot make a good quality product using bad quality materials

“Throw pearls to the pigs”- Someone that throws pearls to pigs is giving someone something they don’t deserve or appreciate” – Kristin Magowitz

The most charmingly sarcastic, graceful and stylish person I know.” – Anna Ruby

MJ, enjoy your retirement to the fullest!  Please come back and visit your J Banks family often!



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