The White Sofa Project: Shelley Wilkins

In case you have missed our previous posts on the white sofa project, here is a quick update.  We have taken one sofa in our retail store and have asked each of the J Banks Designers to style the sofa and surrounding space utilizing pillows, lamps and accessories.  Each designer has the ability to create a space that shows off their “of-the-moment” loves from our retail store as well as how a design client can easily change a space by adding a few new elements.  Enjoy our most recent transformation!

Shelley Wilkins designed the latest vignette.  Here is what she had to say about her choices:

JB: What is your favorite item or items in the vignette? Why? 

Shelley: The porcelain lamps. I love the silhouette.  They are a great size and the rectangular shade allows them to fit almost anywhere. I also love the color of the lamps. The porcelain is crackled and they are the perfect tea stained color.

JB: Can you tell us a little bit about your color choices and the emotions or feelings you wanted this space to convey?

Shelley: I chose more neutral colors….greens, golds, and browns which all help this vignette convey a sense of calmness. The colors are more natural and organic…very comfortable and quiet. The natural wood top on the cocktail table and the caning on the chair also bring in an undisturbed feeling.

Shelley: I always try to add greenery to a room.  It brings life into the space.

 JB: What is important to consider when selecting accessories for a room? 
Shelley: Scale!  I feel that lamps and accessories have to be the right scale and proportion.  Many people struggle with scale.  Lamps need to be a large chunky size, as well as the accessories …and less is more.  It helps keep a space from feeling cluttered.
Shelley: I love this hand embroidered pillow.  It’s a simple addition that warms up the leather chair. I also feel that every sitting area needs a throw blanket. This is perfect for curling up and reading a book.
Shelley: I love the carved detail and texture on this chest.  It is wrapped in a deep green grasscloth and then lacquered with a clear finish.
JB: We love things that have an unexpected shape.  This clover shaped side table is a great example.
Shelley: I also loved these monochromatic spined books.  The matching color allows them to look more sophisticated and less cluttered.
Keep following our blog to see more designer interpretations and check out our previous white sofa designs by Deb Van PlewHannah Fulton ,Cindy Munn and Adrienne Warner.

If you’d like to purchase or receive additional information on any of these featured products, please feel free to stop by or contact our retail store at 843.682.1745.



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6 responses to “The White Sofa Project: Shelley Wilkins

  1. Anonymous

    Good job!!

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