The White Sofa Project: Hannah Fulton

We took one sofa in our retail store and will have a different designer each week style the surrounding space using pillows, lamps and accessories.  The end result will show how accessories can change the overall feeling of a room.

Hannah Fulton was second to style the space. Here is what she had to say about her selections:

JB: What did you want the mood or feel of the space to be?

Hannah: To me, this space is a cool, comfortable retreat. The fish accessories hint at a location close to the water. I could see someone returning from the beach or lake and settling in comfortably for a cocktail.

(We ADORE the brass box on the cocktail table)

JB: What is your favorite item or items in the vignette and why?

Hannah: I love the rug from KPM.  It’s new but was made to look antique. The shades of blues and the patchwork pattern really ground the vignette and reiterate the ‘fun yet sophisticated’ look.  I always think antique elements and collected treasures add to the character of a room.

JB: What can you tell us about your accessory choices?

Hannah: I used accessories minimally so that there was an uncluttered feel.  If I’m on vacation, I don’t want to be surrounded by things. Clean lines and ‘functional’ accessories like the baskets, clock, book and a box to hide remote control, etc. are key!

JB: Tell us about your color choices.

Hannah: I was inspired by our fabulous Trina Turk pillows in vibrant shades of blue and green. The pillows set the tone  and really make the space pop.

We love the sophisticated but relaxed space that Hannah created. Keep following our blog to see more designer interpretations.

If you’d like to purchase or receive additional information on any of these featured products please feel free to contact our retail store at 843.682.1735.



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9 responses to “The White Sofa Project: Hannah Fulton

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