Lisa Whitley : White and Light

Right now, there’s something about a white kitchen that I’m really drawn to visually.  Maybe it has to do with the New Year – starting fresh, making resolutions to declutter and organize, eat better and lose weight.  Or maybe it’s the crispness of white that makes anything paired with it more vivid like the polish of cabinet hardware or a bowl of bright green apples sitting on the counter.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I love spending a Saturday afternoon reading cookbooks.  I’m no chef by any means, but I love to read new recipes and think of ideas on how to put a spin on the typical week night meal.  Check out these kitchens that are cook’s dream.

This kitchen shows how small amounts of black can create such an impact.  With the horizontal butt board and rough hewn columns, this kitchen would be right at home in the Lowcountry.

This kitchen has big windows that frame the hood, and the white creates such a contrast to the ceiling detail.

I love everything about this space.

I can picture all my girlfriends crowded around this island, laughing and helping prepare the big meal.

The simplicity of this kitchen really grabs my attention.  There is a ton of storage, but it’s still so open and airy.

This kitchen has so many elements I love including big windows, butt board and a cooktop that while large and black does not seem heavy because of all of the white in the room.

A white kitchen can still have a lot of personality and does not have to be plain.

The industrial elements coupled with the white bring a lot of character to this space.

Most importantly, kitchens are for cooking! Here are a few of my favorite cookbooks:

Bon Appetit,

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