“Ciao!” from Joni Vanderslice

It’s all in the Details – The Italians take pride in their craft and beauty is the breathtaking result. Everything from making an espresso to the hand stitched detailing on a leather carry-on is immaculate. The execution of detail is why J Banks has fallen so hard for the country.

(Each time we walk past this building in Florence we have to stop just to take in the painted detailing.)

Our projects have allowed us to scour the country taking in all the different trades and offerings. Days are filled with short moments of awe because everything you see necessitates admiration. We savor in the product and salivate over the sheer art of the display!

Here are a few shots of some of our favorite details from our most recent trip….

1. In Italian Forte dei Marmi means “Fort of the Marbles.”  Appropriately, the gorgeous stone garden display made us “lose our marbles!”

2. The entrance to the Loro Piana outlet store sets the perfect stage for the luxurious cashmere that is waiting to be purchased, beyond the effortlessly chic decor.

3. The alabaster in the town of Voltaire is a must see. We love how adding light to the stone illuminates its beauty. We have forged an amazing relationship with a vendor who creates custom tables, lighting, and even pictures frames for us! Exquisite!

4. You have to do a double take with this photo… Designers in Wonderland – the scale of this piece would make even Alice smile. Now that’s what we call a High-Boy!

5. Even the olive oil bottles are chic when properly lit! This entrance detail at Borgo San Jacopo is almost as divine as the restaurant’s gourmet fare.

4/5. There’s always something we want to take home in our suitcases… and we often find ourselves wanting to take home SUITCASES! (We heart this carry-on.)

Some items are easier to whisk away than others, but we couldn’t resist this carved fireplace surround. It will be a key focal point for one of our next residential projects.

There will always be more to come and more to share!  If you have personal travel experiences or favorite foreign finds, please share with us.

Ciao tutti! (Goodbye everyone!)

Joni Vanderslice, JB

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