JB Heart’s Our Interns

This is the second blog installment featuring the special interns that have worked hard with J Banks this summer.

Jennifer is getting a Master’s degree in Luxury & Fashion management. We know – sounds very cool, but what exactly does that mean? Someone with this kind of degree typically goes into fields associated with analyzing consumer demand, marketing and advertising, retail operations inventory management, buying, etc…within a wide range of luxury retail venues. Think about anything from cars and yachts, to interiors and lifestyle, to fashion and food. In other words… this degree has it all!

This summer she has been working under Anna Ruby and Jennifer Farese. Her primary jobs have included inventory system management… a.k.a. keeping track of every single thing that goes in and out of the J Banks store. Big job! She has also been one of the smiling faces on the retail floor, ready to help you if you should pop in.

JB: Jenn, tell us a little bit about how you got here…

Jenn: I have an undergrad in accounting… which is INCREDIBLY handy, believe it or not.

JB: We believe it! What are some of your goals when you graduate?

Jenn: Get a job. Period. Just kidding… I’d love to do store management with an emphasis on buying and supply operations.

JB: What have you learned at J Banks that will help you reach your goals?

Jenn: I have learned how much I love working for a smaller venue – that is, a smaller venue with international reach! When you work at a huge, corporate company you are so specialized. a person could spend their whole career as “The Long Sleeved Sweater Buyer.”  At J Banks everyone’s roll is multifunctional and you have the opportunity to wear many hats. I love that!

JB: We do too! And we all agree – its definitely not boring at J Banks!

Jenn’s collection of favorites are inspired by her beloved color palette – orange and brown (she definitely fits right in at J Banks!) The throw is made of 100% recycled cotton from In2Green. The super chic, deco inspired side table with orange lacquered top is full of surprises – it offers two looks in one. The top reverses to a gorgeous natural finish wood plank for the days you feel more traditional. Summery letterpressed lobster coasters are a whimsical must for outdoor gatherings. And last but not least, where would a luxury management girl be without her Vogue?… this coffee table book is a classic.

Having Jennifer on the team has been a great asset this summer. That said, saying goodbye was just too hard…. so we are pleased to announce that you’ll continue to see her working our retail floor on the weekends until she graduates in November of this year. After that, the world will be her oyster (low country style, of course).

We Heart You Jennifer,


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