Deb’s Lux Lighting

J Banks designer Deb Van Plew is known for her incredibly chic contemporary interior design. Her interiors have a cozy vibe with that special something that makes them feel “of the moment.” (Her personal style is equally as fantastic!)

In one of her recent residential interior projects she chose a light fixture that had everyone gasping, “Wow!”  It was such a statement piece that we thought it deserved its own little post… now you can oogle and ogle too!


















JB: Deb, what’s the story on this beautiful light?

Deb: I loved it when I saw it… but it’s so unusual, I thought I’d have to talk the client into it. (I even had a back up option ready just in case they hated it.) But the clients were intrigued… They quickly saw the vision and loved it.

JB: What was the concept for the project?

Deb: This was a beach house, not a primary residence… but we didn’t want to be “literally” beachy. So… it’s like an abstract, casual, cool, hip beach house. Without being too predictable!

JB: What kind of vibe does this piece create in the house?

Deb: When we started there was no dramatic focal point in the entry way. Adding this fixture in the adjacent room created drama and visual impact as soon as you open the door. I think it has a sleek 70’s vibe that’s very charming.

JB: It looks complicated to install… how did that go?

DebWe had a blast unpacking the beautiful pieces and assembling them. When we got it up, we found out that there was an electrical wiring problem in the product… uh oh! (Little things like this are the reality that designers face in installation all the time.) We quickly contacted the manufacturer and got the problem resolved. When the client saw the final result, she was thrilled! Another happy ending!















Our intern, Blair Kawa, was there helping with the installation. She got the full experience of untangling the octopus arms of this fixture and making it beautiful.

Who said designers never get their hands dirty?  We know how to get on ladders and make it happen!

Happy (Lighting) Monday,


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