An Afternoon with a Rep

You know you’re in for a treat when Diane (the J. Banks resource librarian) comes by your desk and says… “They’re here! Come on!”

Today she said, “You’re in for a treat… it’s Jud… from Highland Court!”

Every week highly knowledgeable representatives from the most fabulous companies in the world come to our offices. They share fabric, furniture, lighting, faux painting, wall-covering, bedding, and more. The endless stream of options is simply dazzling.

Inevitably, we dissolve into “Ooohs!” and “Ahhhs!” as we flip through gorgeous linen, velvet, wovens, and prints. Today was no different.

When we find something that we fall in love with, we order memos. These little squares of fabric are destined to evolve into full design visions for our clients… or sometimes just for our own imaginations.

As you probably know very well, times have been hard in recent years… especially in the building related professions. Yet, today’s rep was positive.

“Companies have gotten lean by necessity. We cut out the weaker items in our line, and now we believe that what we carry is stronger and more compelling than ever,” Jud said today.

We are so happy to be in a business that perseveres even through challenging times. A big “Hurray!” for all those who are continuing to create beauty and support artisans around the world.

To our Rep of the Day – Jud – Thank you for bringing us such beautiful, quality products… and an even bigger thanks for bringing us a dose of your cheerful, positive, can-do spirit.

As they say… “Represent!”


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