Watermelon – 6 Ways ‘Til Sunday

The weekend is upon us! So is watermelon season.  (A perfect combination.) During the dog days of summer, there’s no better fruit to experiment with than this juicy mellon. If the weekend gives you an itch to get creative in the kitchen, try watermelon…. 6 Ways Until Sunday!

1. Watermelon Water

The perfect summer beverage to share with young and old. Added bonus: Although its hue is distinctly Hawaiian, stained clothes and faces are not a worry with watermelon water. Try This Recipe

2. Watermelon Martini

If your cup craves something with a little more punch, try THIS watermelon martini recipe. Try This Recipe

3. Watermelon Salad

Mix the sweet with the savory… feta, red onions, basil, and kalamata olives… for a slightly Greek twist on an American summer favorite. (My very own recipe!)

4. Watermelon Gazpacho

There’s nothing like a chilled soup on a hot summer day. Give the traditional tomato based gazpacho a sweet twist with… you guessed it… Watermelon! Try This Recipe

5. Grilled Watermelon

A totally new spin on serving watermelon. Grilled with a few farm fresh veggies. (I gotta try this!) Try This Recipe

6. Watermelon Sorbet

Save some room… the best is for last! You can’t go one more summer without trying fresh watermelon sorbet. Try This Recipe

If this post inspires you to try something new, send us a picture!

Have a refreshing weekend.




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2 responses to “Watermelon – 6 Ways ‘Til Sunday

  1. Love this! I think I might grill some watermelon this weekend!

  2. Watermelon Gazpacho Love it =)

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