Holiday “It” Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Tis the Season!  Shopping, shopping and more shopping.  This necessary holiday pastime is usually fun, festive and full of good cheer – that is, until we get to the men on our list!  Why does it seem like finding that perfect “man gift” is a daunting task?  How does something that should be simple become complicated?

After years of over-thinking it, J Banks Retail decided to enlist our favorite Doctor’s help to write a prescription for men’s’ gift giving made easy.   To do so, our Dr. Rick (Vanderslice) – a very stylish, yet manly man – agreed to accompany our buyers to the New York International Gift Fair.  After scouring the never ending rows of merchandise he found the perfect cure – “IT” gifts for MEN!

Finding the remedy came naturally to Rick…after all, he’s a guy.  And although he didn’t offer clues to why his gifts were so fabulous, after careful evaluation, we’ve deciphered some pretty obvious tips that should help all of you in your pursuit of gifts men will adore.
The Prescription:

Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus.  This age-old sentiment holds true when it comes to how Men view gift giving.  In simplistic terms, when buying gifts for men, follow this general rule: if he can’t use it, eat it, wear it, or play with it, put it down and keep looking.

Hobbies are Hot

Maybe every other day of the year you are annoyed by his excessive sports watching and poker playing, but tolerating his hobbies AND promoting them could make you the most intelligent gift-giver around!  Sports themed gifts such as our fabulous needlepoint collegiate themed flasks, key fobs and belts are sure to elicit brags about you to his friends.

Cutesy Isn’t

Women want gifts that are sentimental and romantic, but men prefer functional and practical gifts. To avoid an emotional meltdown after evaluating his reaction to a sentimental gift, stick to a cool and functional knife!  We have an amazing collection of these manly must-haves made of horn, carved wood and even pieces of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Creativity Count

When in doubt, many people buy men ties and socks.  This year, DON’T!  Although you want to be practical, being just plain boring shows lack of thought.  Pay attention to what HE likes and make it personal.  Our cuff links made from seats at Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park and Wrigley Field; our fishing reel and golf putter wine corks; and our customized leather koozies are the perfect gift to show him that you pay attention to his likes.

Accept His Inner-Child

No matter what his age, there is still a little boy inside him. For men, toys and gadgets are always a hit.  Our bucky balls, the amazing magnetic desktoy you can’t put down, are sure to create a grin and keep him busy all day long.  Simple little brain teasers add whimsy to gift giving and will make your gift stand out.

The Amazing Magnetic Desktoy Men Can’t Put Down

Whether you’re looking for a clever surprise, sophisticated bobble, interesting gadget or a little gem – you’ll find it at J Banks Retail. Stop in today and let us show you our unique and affordable selections.



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