Everything is Coming Up Daisies!


 “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
–          Anatole France 


  There are few greater joys in life than bringing home a puppy.  This month, the  J.Banks team has been delighted to share in the joy of the Vanderslice family’s new addition, Daisy.  Our little flower arrives at J Banks daily via fashionable tote, and supplies effervescent energy to our office (albeit causing a tiff or two regarding whose lap she’s on first).  Although Daisy was a surprise, she wasn’t a shock.  We got the hint that dogs were on the family’s mind when artist and soon-to-be famous designer, Sarah Vanderslice, selected metallic flocked dog wallpaper by Osborne and Little as the inspiration for the redesign of her bedroom.  A real puppy was sure to be the perfect finishing touch (but we must clarify – Miss Daisy Dot belongs to younger sister Grace, who shows that Daisy loves her lap best as they pose on the appropriately patterned loveseat below). 



We Heart Purple!

 Our Daisy photo shoot in Sarah’s purple room inspired us to showcase this gorgeous and “of-the-moment” jewel tone.  Enjoy our fresh ideas on how to incorporate the color into your home! 

 Fresh, fun, purple tones from lilac to eggplant set the stage for dramatic pop!  The palette below can be combined – use one as your trim color, one as the main wall color and the third for the accent – or use alone.  Whatever application you desire, purple can add rich sophistication and create a cozy sitting area, powder room or, as we know from above, a glamorous bedroom! 

 Paint Picks:

 Coming Up Purple!

These inspiring home and personal accents are all available at 35 Main, J.Banks retail.

 Embroidered pillows from Ankasa & Raffia Woven Bolster from Dransfield and Ross

  More Purple Inspiration!

From ad campaigns to the Bisazza factory in Italy…. 


The Bisazza tile showroom in Italy 






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