Classic Blue and White

J Banks Retail has been inspired by the simple beauty of blue and white – the cool, crisp look which will never go out of style!  Our  Garrison Cabinet in white and navy  is our favorite new display piece which also serves as the perfect backdrop for showcasing our blue and white pottery collection and other fun interior accents.

Garrison Cabinet in white and navy

The classic beauty of blue on white originated in the 9th Century in the Middle- East and was later fully developed by the Chinese in the 14th Century.  The history can be traced back to the Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties, with the Ming Dynasty having the reputation of being the “Golden Age” of the Blue and White porcelain.  Since the 18th Century, China’s blue and white porcelain has become the art treasure shared and appreciated by the world.  Staffordshire, England is known as the location where the infamous Willow Pattern is made.  The Willow Pattern is said to tell the sad story of star-crossed lovers and was strongly influenced in style by design features borrowed from Chinese export porcelains of the 18th Century.

Willow Pattern

Willow Pattern

As Carolyne Roehm exclaimed, “No other combination is as omnipresent as glorious blue and white in all its tints and hues.”    Visit us today and experience this classic design approach and many other inspiring vignettes!

J. Banks Showroom

J. Banks Showroom


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