J Banks’ Design Team Further Expands Their Interior Architecture Capabilities

In effort to hone our Interior Architecture capabilities, members of our design team recently completed a 40 hour continuing education course in Autodesk Revit, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that allows us to create 3D renderings, drawings and elevations for our clients.  To facilitate smarter and more sustainable design, J Banks purchased the software 2 years ago; however, recent demand and program enhancements created a quest for new information and training.  Because J Banks is the only interior design firm that offers Revit within our area, we were able to secure a $5850 grant from the Lowcountry Workforce Investment Board to expand our current breadth of knowledge. 

After completing the course, our design team can now use the software to analyze our innovative design solutions.  Potential material selections, quantities and even sun position and effects can be tested and brought to life.  Three dimensional objects are used to represent physical building components, such as walls and doors.  Texture & color can be applied to the surfaces to help visualize a space before the first wall goes up!   In addition, views of the building model are interconnected: an object, such as a door, can be moved in any view and all other views of the model will be updated automatically.

Utilizing this program is just another way that J Banks can make the complicated simple for our clients.  Let us help you bring your vision to life!

From L to R: Jenn Farese, Lisa Whitley, Hannah Fulton, Nicole Fransen, Doris Gilch, Jessica Rubinski

Interior Perspective of class project



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