The Green Gator Visits J. Banks for an Exclusive Trunk Show

J. Banks will be hosting an exclusive Trunk Show Thursday November 12th through Saturday the 14th – featuring Green Gator- Resurrected Reptiles!  Green Gator’s collection of Vintage Alligator & Crocodile Handbags & Luggage is truly one of a kind and will provide a stellar opportunity to add luxe to  your handbag collection ( or someone else’s—making you the best gift giver ever!). 

The event will take place in the J. Banks Sienna room at 35 Main Street on Hilton Head Island

Please visit our website or call 843.682.1745 for more information

Store Hours:
Monday through Friday

10:00 am – 6:oo pm


10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Green Gator jbanks3

A note from the owner of Green Gator:  The idea for Green Gator grew from a love of several things, antiques in general and purses and luggage made from crocodile and alligator and all things reptile.  It is a passion that Joni and I have always shared.  Crocodile and alligator items almost always are high quality and never go out of style.

The forms of the bags change somewhat with fashion, but conserving and preserving them just seems like the right thing to do, just as you would a great piece of period furniture and everything old is almost always new again at some point.  If they are cared for, as many were because they were very expensive to purchase, they will truly last for generations.  Some of the bags in this current collection are almost one hundred years old and still beautiful.  The vast majority are at least fifty years old.  Can you imagine if these bags could talk?  They’ve been everywhere!  If you own one, you can truly say “it was grandmothers”… may not have been your grandmother’s, but it was someone’s.  I think it is recycling at its best!


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