For the Greener Good…

The following was featured in Stanley Furniture’s Summer 2009 Digital Latte Newsletter:

“This year, April 22nd marked the 29th anniversary of the beginning of what is considered the modern environmental movement – otherwise known as Earth Day. To celebrate, Stanley Furniture decided to give back to the environment by taking away from a few South Carolina retailers. Over a two-day period, Stanley’s Green Czar, Cristina Loth, and her “Green Team” sidekicks, Brad Bishop and Darrell Helms, traveled throughout the South Carolina area collecting packaging waste materials from six participating retailers. J. Banks Design Group, Coastal Chic, Stuckey Brothers Furniture (in Ridgeland and Mt. Pleasant), Morris Sokol and Marty Rae’s were among the event’s recycling donators, contributing enough packaging waste to fill out the 3,500 cubic foot Stanley Furniture truck. Not only was the recycling initiative well-received by retailers, but it turned out to be a great way to jump-start Stanley’s five year sustainability plan…”


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