Outdoor Oasis…

As the summer winds down, be sure to make the most of your outdoor spaces. With a few effortless additions, your backyard, dock, or patio can be transformed into a comfortable, stylish, and enjoyable living space. Here are a few quick tips for sprucing up your exterior spaces:


Add some light: Embellishing structural elements of a porch with white holiday lights affords a soft glow after the sun goes down.


Fluff it up: Adding brightly colored pillows to outdoor furniture will make an otherwise structural piece instantly cozy. Just be sure that the pillows are weatherproof or are used in spaces that are unexposed to the elements.


Dine Alfresco: There’s nothing more pleasant than enjoying dinner outdoors on a summer evening. Spruce up a picnic table with a few thoughtful additions – mason jar votive holders, a linen tablecloth, and a pitcher filled with freshly cut flowers will liven the drabbest of tabletops. Keep things cool with a stationary fan and a tall pitcher of mojitos…


Turn it up: Playing a carefully selected mix of tunes through an outside stereo system or boom box is a great way to transform your outdoor space. Try Van Morrison for a laid-back barbeque or The Beach Boys for an afternoon pool party.


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