A Backdrop for Dreaming…

Looking to overhaul your boudoir? Picking a headboard doesn’t have to equate to a headache. Don’t feel as though you have to conform to tradition when creating visual interest above your bed. While hefty wooden headboards certainly make a statement, they can be difficult to move and difficult to refreshen after a few seasons. For a more flexible alternative, consider hanging an ornate tapestry or fabric panel above a bed.  The panels are easy to hang, easy to remove, and inexpensive to switch out when trends change.

Headboard 2

Ready to commit? Consider making your headboard an architectural statement. If you’re renovating or planning new construction and are strong of heart, building your headboard right into the wall creates a bold effect. Just be sure that the architectural element you choose to don your bedroom wall is timeless and has the ability to adapt to different styles, should you choose to redecorate later on. This stone wall is timelessly Tuscan…

Headboard 3

Another idea is to turn your bedroom walls into a gallery of sorts. By placing canvases or large picture frames above a bed, you can create visual interest that is more dynamic than a boring wooden headboard. Again, this option will afford you flexibility in the future – swap artwork from another area in your house when it’s time for an update. See how the addition of these two canvases adds a splash of fun and color to this bedroom?

Headboard 1

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Second-hand finds like reclaimed barn doors or vintage Japanese silk screens make great headboards as well.


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