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J Banks Design Group owner and president, Joni Vanderslice was interviewed by HD Expo’s Show Daily regarding color in hospitality. Joni gave a presentation, titled The Complexity of Color, at the opening of the 2009 HD Expo in Las Vegas this year – a tremendous accomplishment! Please read on for the interview…

Is color underutilized in hospitality? Absolutely, says Joni Vanderslice, ASID, who believes color lends excitement to the built environment. Vanderslice, owner and president, of J Banks Design Group, opened the HD Conference on Wednesday, May 13, with her color outlook.

HD: Can color really make – or break – a project’s outcome?

JV: Absolutely. I am fascinated by the psychology behind color. Once we understand what color says to us, we can use this to draw people in and to evoke emotion.

HD: What is the single most important thing to know about color?

JV: You need to understand rules and subtlety of applying color. For instance, it’s important to know that the same color chip will apply differently on different materials, in different spaces, and on different planes. For blue walls, for example, you must choose a color that is much lighter than you want on your wall.

HD: Do you think color is under-utilized in hospitality?

JV: Yes. Most people want to experience stronger emotions while they are traveling or eating out. They may not experiment in their homes, but love the color and excitement that they find when they travel.

HD: With neutral color schemes, do you have any guidelines?

JV: Even neutral schemes must have accent colors within that neutral palette. A neutral palette without accents can actually tax your eyes.

HD: Where do you seek inspiration when it comes to color?

JV: Definitely in travel in fashion. The use of color in different  countries and regions is refreshing. Fashion always leads the interior design industry’s color selections by a few seasons.

HD: Can you forecast our color future in hospitality, say, over the next two years?

JV: I believe that we will see a resurgence of yellows, oranges, grays, taupes, and clearer greens.

HD: Is it possible to future-proof a project; that is, to create timeless design using color?

JV: Yes. If you know your vision, your look, the environment you are creating, your color should be timeless. If you are using trendy colors, use them in places that can be easily changed in 5 years.


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